How to join the club?

Print off a membership form and send it off along with a stamped addressed envelope to Agnes Cadger address on form.

How do I get a competition licence?

On joining the club you will need to apply for an SACU licence.
This licence has to be renewed yearly and requires to be completed then sent to the SACU along with payment and a passport size Photograph.

Although you can still ride will us if you are AMCA, IOPD, MCF licence holder (you will have to pay a £3 insurance supplement) and complete a SACU  medical declaration form download your form HERE

Or you can ride with a One event Licence cost £15 (photograph ID required ie Drivers Licence).

How do I know if my bike is eligible?

See List below

  • Pre ‘60 Any machine manufactured before 31st December 1960
  • Pre ‘68 Any machine manufactured before 31st December 1968
  • Pre ‘75 Any machine manufactured before 31st December 1975
  • Pre ‘77 Any machine manufactured before 31st December 1977
  • Pre ‘84 Any machine manufactured before 31st December 1984
 If you are still not sure email: info@classicscrambles.com

General Eligibility- Applies to all classes

  • All machines must be fitted with engine cut-out buttons
  • All machines must be air cooled
  • All machines must have front and rear drum brakes
  • Methanol fuel can only be used in Pre 68 machines

How do I get a race number?

Call Linda Riddell on 01896 849289 and she will allocate you with a number

What colour of Plates and riding numbers should I have on my bike?

  • Pre ‘60 Blue plates with White numbers
  • Pre ‘68 up to 350cc White plates with Black numbers
  • Pre ‘68 over 350cc Black plates with White numbers
  • Pre ‘75 up to 350cc Green plates with White numbers
  • Pre ‘75 over 350cc Yellow plates with Black numbers
  • Pre ‘77 White plates with Black numbers
  • Pre ‘84 Green plates with Black numbers

Clothing and Equipment


  • Helmets must have the current ACU approved stamp.


The minimum standard for Motocross.

  • All riders must wear helmet, gloves, knee length protective boots, and must wear body armour whilst racing.
  • Goggles or visor of a non-splinterable type must be worn at the commencement of each race. Goggles with tear offs are NOT allowed.
  • Spectacles, if worn, must be non-splinterable.
  • All riders must have a 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher

Can I use a camera ? (eg. Go Pro)

Helmet cameras and cameras attached to the body are Prohibited unless the helmet is manufactured with the camera as an intrinsic part.

How do I enter an event?

Download an Entry form here.

If you don’t have a licence download One Event Licence HERE

Complete all sections of the entry form

Send it along with payment made payable to SCRMC LTD to Srambles secretary Linda Riddell address on form before the Closing date (Sunday prior to the event)

All riders at some point in the race season will be asked to provide a marshall.

Riders are requested to help dismantle the track at the end of the meeting.

If I enter an event and don’t show up can I get a refund?

You will only get your money refunded or carried forward to the next event, if you contact the secretary prior the event, or on the day of the event (leave a message on the her answer machine) other wise your cheque will be cashed.

Club Championship

To compete in the club championship you must be a club member  download your membership form HERE

Where a rider can qualify for two age groups within a year, riders MUST start and end the year in the SAME age group (rider’s choice)

Points are be awarded from first to tenth place in each race as follows. 1st – 15pts, 2nd – 12pts, 3rd – 10pts, 4th – 8pts, 5th – 6pts, 6th – 5pts, ….. down to ….. 10th – 1pt