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updated 12/05/2022

 “Fox V3 RS” helmets

A statement has been issued by the ACU and SACU that until further notice “Fox V3 RS” helmets will not be permitted to be worn at our events.

Therefore we will be checking helmets at every meeting at signing on. If you present one of these helmets you will not be permitted to ride.


Just a little reminder guys Helmet cameras and cameras attached to the body are NOT Prohibited.



As you all know the humanitarian situation in the Ukraine is dire and desperate, millions of people have no safe place to call home. The Scottish Classic Racing Motorcyle Club have decided to donate £2000 to the British Red Cross Ukraine crisis appeal.

No scrutineering will take place

(It is the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure their machines are safe and suitable for the duration of the meeting)

Introduction of Two classes

Pre 89 125cc class

Pre 89 eligibilty: water cooled, Disc brakes, steel frame

Pre 84 up to 250cc class

 Pre 84 eligibilty: Air or watered cooled, drum brakes, twinshock or monoshock

Age related Classes

Bike machine eligibilty will now be Pre 77 instead of Pre 75

Refund of Entry policy

If you enter and event and do not appear. You will only get your money refunded or carried forward to the next event, if you contact the secretary prior the event, or on the day of the event (leave a message on the her answer machine) other wise your cheque will be cashed.


Just a little reminder guys Helmet cameras and cameras attached to the body are Prohibited unless the helmet is manufactured with the camera as an intrinsic part.

Age Related Races

It was decided at the Agm. Where a rider can qualify for two age groups within a year, riders must start and end the year in the same age group. (Rider’s choice which group)