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Track Buliding for our Strathaven event will take place on Friday 31st of May.

If you can provide a marshall please get in touch with Linda.


Just a little reminder guys Helmet cameras and cameras attached to the body are Prohibited unless the helmet is manufactured with the camera as an intrinsic part.

Body Armour

There will be no change to the current regulation for body armour for the 2019 season.

Age Related Races

It was decided at the Agm. Where a rider can qualify for two age groups within a year, riders must start and end the year in the same age group. (Rider’s choice which group)


Classic Motocross Des Nations 2019

Will take place in
Maram, Netherlands 21st  Sept 2019 if anyone is interested
please call Kenny Harper 07778912305

ECMO Dates for 2019

CEC1 Italy 27/04/19, CEC2 France 01/06/19, CEC3 Czech 06/07/19